The End of the Line

He saw the cruelty because he worked there.
He watched them killed, he didn’t care
Hanging for what seemed like an eternity,
The wrong way up from the way they were meant to be
Hundreds of chickens dangling from their feet
On their torturous journey to ‘meat’.
In the shackles waiting for death
Not long now till ‘he’ takes their last breath
Many heads bob up, miss the electrified water
S’posed to be stunned, tho’ many feel their gruesomeslaughter
Here comes the sharpest, the longest of all knives
To slice their throats, to take their lives
But some escape the blades, straight into the scalding tank
Like the most horrendous, vilest, cruelest of all pranks
They scream, flop and kick, eyeballs pop out of heads
Suffering for SO long and some STILL aren’t dead!
They exit the tank, many are missing body parts,
Disfigured legs, wings, exploded hearts.
Many times the line broke down, some drown in the stunning water
Those creatures knew nothing of a ‘humane’ slaughter.
The machine is broken and the man is SO mad,
He tramples some to death, uses some hens as punch bags.
They are not living beings to him, just objects of no value,
He’s more upset 'cause there’s blood on his shiny shoe!
They feel the pain, the will to live, please understand,
That chickens, too, deserve the compassion of man.
People say ‘I only eat chicken, I don’t eat much meat’
Pleased with themselves, proud of their compassionate feat
But I have seen the suffering of those souls left for dust
Never afforded compassion because they are so different from us.