The circus is no fun for animals!

[size=150]Each year thousands of animals are hauled over great distances for the purpose of entertainment. They are not cared for and don’t get the medical attention they need. In 2004, a lion traveling with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus died of dehydration in the Mojave desert.The circus has also been cited by the Department of Agriculture numerous times with failure to comply with the Animal Welfare Act. The madness has to end! Sign this petition to boycott the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus until they stop ALL animal explotation[/size]

How do you know for sure that the circus isn’t fun for animals? If they can feel suffering then they must be able to feel pleasure as well.

How can you ask such question! Clearly animals for circus are slave to human illusion of superiorness, we must not enslave animals for own furtherment or enjoyment because that makes us below them. Animals must be willing and volunteer to do things like human must, if you would force own father to do tricks and stand on things and walk around with strange clothes and then whip him with force if he did not then you get arrest and torture!

Of course I wouldn’t do that to my father, if only because he isn’t an elephant, monkey or other circus animal.
There is a well established difference between taming and enslavement which has morally justified people using animals without the express consent (mainly because animals of no way of expressing consent).

Like I said earlier, how do we know these animals don’t love their treatment. Just while we’re comparing them to humans, what person doesn’t what the adulation of the masses, the fame, the ability to create laughter by merely walking around.

For all we know animals could be having a grand time at the circus.


Watch this and tell me that this is pleasurable.

Sure, that’s a one off example of some psychopath being a psychopath. But what about the tens of thousands of other circus animals would could be having a great time swinging around and stuff? My point is that until we can place ourselves in the mind of an animal (which we can’t), we can’t claim to understand their emotions or thoughts. They are completely different than us, this is something which many people fail to understand. They may sometimes act in ways which we can relate to, but the vast majority of the time they don’t.

get real Adam, that is business as usual for the circuses. anyone who thinks otherwise must be a severely delusional and dysfunctional inhumane being.

I invite everybody to realize that zoos and circus are no sanctuaries for animals. Would you like to be deprived from your freedom and follow somebodies else understanding what is good for you?

If the alternative is extinction Dacite, yes I would.

Without preservation institutions like Zoos so many more species would be extinct.
What you have to understand is that these animals have no right to life in the eyes of mother nature, if she had her way the dominant creature (us) would have hunted a lot of animals you see alive and well in Zoos today to death.

What sounds better to you: Two hots meals a day and a shower or death?

The UK government were going to discuss this issue, ie a ban of animals in circuses.
Look at the police officer today in the news - he allegedly tried to kill himself after the poor death of the dogs in his car- just because the person may “love” the animals doesn’t mean they don’t end up treating them cruelly or what they do is cruel. So for me circuses are cruel - no matter how well they treat or love their animals- because it is not naturally how they are meant to be. I don’t know any tigers etc in the wild who jump through flames in their natural habitat and the argument that they are safer there than in the wild is quite ridiculous considering they should equally be safe from poachers too and free from harm.
More clowns in the circus! No animals! :clown:

So your argument is that because animals don’t do these things naturally they shouldn’t do it?
People naturally hunt, kill and eat animals so why should we persecute poachers for trying to feed their families? It’s only natural what they’re doing and by your logic we shouldn’t stop them.

AdamD, you’re being fecitious! Humans have a choice not to do inhumane things like poach, wear fur etc because there are alternatives. :bigsmurf:

AdamD, why are you here?

To voice my opinion ANne, that’s the point of a forum isn’t it?