"The bottom line on eggs"

An excerpt from article entitled “Comparing eggs to cigarettes” by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. from diseaseproof.com:

“Eggs do contribute some vitamins and minerals and are likely one of the better choices when it comes to animal foods. However, there is no nutritional advantage for getting vitamin A/ carotenoids, folate, minerals, etc. from eggs rather than from plant foods. Plus, eggs are extremely rich in animal protein, which is not health-promoting. Although previous studies have not seen increased cardiovascular risk in individuals eating up to one egg/day, the new study has identified increased carotid artery plaque in individuals eating 3 eggs/week or more”.


Actually taking vitamin B12 is better from supplements than from eggs, because those supplements were tested to prove that blood levels of B12 are increased when taking them.

Clearly taking the vitiman B12 is going to be better than eating a food with vitiman B12 in it. It doesn’t matter what tests were run and by whom. You can drink milk to get calcium or you can take a calium supplement instead. One is going to have an indirect source of calcium and the other is going to just be calcium. The whole reason it is so important for vegans/vegetarians to take vitiman supplements is because humans have adapted a diet that omits a lot of the nutritional benefit of what they are eating. Sadly, the only places many people obtain these nutrients is through inorganic or processed foods or through a diet that we have been conditioned to accept and eat even though we don’t truly need it. If you took the time to research chemistry in any effect you would be able to understand this fact. You can argue about the vitiman content of eggs or food all you want but if you simply look at a vitiman bottle you can see the difference. There can be no such thing as bbiased research when it comes to the benefit and absorption effect of vitimans, in or without food.