Thanksgiving Day for vegans/vegetarians

Hello All!

For those of you in the United States, the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday may be a difficult one, as you gather with family and friends around a dinner table, where the main attraction is one of the thousands or millions of turkeys slaughtered for this occasion. To make things worse, you may have to deal with family members taking playful jabs at your refusal to eat meat or perhaps even trying to engage you in a serious conversation about why your ideals are misguided. Sounds familiar? If so, then there’s a short story that you have to read before you sit down at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The story, titled “Thanksgiving Day”, takes place in a hypothetical country that celebrates a festival similar to the Thanksgiving Day we have here. The main character, Fetru, is repulsed by the holiday and its meaning, but overcomes his revulsion to visit his family on this holy day. What ensues provides an interesting perspective on how something that is completely accepted by most of one society (i.e. eating meat) can seem utterly wrong to a different one. I won’t say more or I will give away the plot. What I will say is that this story could provide some good talking points for you at the Thanksgiving table. Also, if you can convince your non-vegetarian/vegan friends to read this, more power to you!

The story is written by Harry Hartsman, and it is available on Amazon.

Thanks, and enjoy!

There is one simple solution to the problem, make the family respect you (in a good way), then they will care to make vegan food for you on family meetings.

I was recommend the documentary “My Life as a Turkey” as well.