Tasty Tofu Kabobs

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

1 lb. extra firm tofu (Firm will do if it’s all that’s available)
Red peppers (cut into chunks)
Green peppers (cut into chunks)
Red or yellow onions (cut into wedges)
Zucchini or Squash (1" slices)
Any other veggies you want to put on the kabobs (cut into chunks or 1" slices)
Cherry Tomatoes
1 or more bottles of Italian dressing (NOT CREAMY)
Soy sauce
Kabob skewers

Well, first things first. Sorry for the vague ingredient list above, but I have never had to make a whole bunch of these… my folks aren’t vegan, so they make their own chicken ones, same recipe though. I like to freeze the tofu at least once before using it for kabobs, but is not a neccesity. This serves to give it a better texture. Just freeze the whole container for 24 hours, then defrost in the sink for 8-12 hours. Repeated freezings give a thicker texture.

OK, after you freeze and thaw your tofu (or not depending on your preferences) remove it from the container and slice into approximately 2" cubes. Now make the marinade. Start with the bottle of dressing and add a tablespoon of soy sauce. Taste and adjust soy to your tastes. Put tofu cubes into marinade (if you need more marinade, mix up another bottle of dressing and soy, you’ll need some more after you make the kabobs) make sure the tofu is covered in marinade and refrigerate for 1-24 hours (depending on how far in advance you have planned to make these. Given a large amount of time, the taste has time to settle into the tofu, but it will work given a minimal marination time, just not as well).

After marinating tofu, remove from refrigerator, and cut up your veggies. You want the peppers to be in 2.5" - 3" squares or triangles, the onions just cut in wedges of 2" at the outside edge, and the zucchini in 1" thick slices. You basically want everthing about the same size so that the kabob is a uniform thickness. You also want to soak your skewers in water if they are wooden, so that they don’t char on the grill. Taking a skewer, make your kabobs. I always use a piece of zucchini or pepper at one end, putting on a cube of tofu for every 2 or 3 veggies I put on, and I put a cherry tomato on the pointy end of the skewer. Make all of your kabobs.

Now, put them in a)gallon size plastic bags or b) a baking pan a couple inches deep. I prefer method A as I can roll the bags to get marinade everywhere with less. Put marinade in the bags or pan (just an inch deep or so in the bag), maybe deeper in the pan. Let these soak as long as you like, turning them to coat in marinade. When you’re ready, grill for 8-10 minutes over medium high heat (this time is from memory and could be wrong… just go with your gut instinct). Now sit down and Mmmm Mmmm enjoy!

Serves: 6-8 kabobs or more

Preparation time: 1 - 48 hours +