Talk to a vegan

I am a journalism student at San Francisco State University. I have an assignment to write a profile on a vegan. I can not be affiliated with this person in anyway before I interview them. Although your life as a vegan will play a large part in the story, it is a profile and it will cover other aspects about you, such as who you are and your background, places you have been that have greatly influenced you, personal achievements and failures, your career, how you spend your leisure time, etc. The following is a New York Times profile to let you know the kind of things I will be writing:,%20Michael&oref=slogin.
My teacher will need your e-mail address to contact you and ensure I haven’t made you up, but no one else will see it aside from the two of us. The assignment also states that I need to talk to at least three people that know you. I will ask them questions about you, get supporting material on things you have said, and I will be quoting them for the article. This profile will not be published anywhere. It is simply a class assignment. If you are interested please let me know. If I have overstepped my bounds, I apologize.

Can you do the interview by email? Because I’m kinda shy around strangers :blush:

I e-mailed my teacher and asked her if we could do it by e-mail. I will let you know as soon as she replies.
Thank you for your interest.