Swami Ramdev-and his medicines

somebody, in one of the threads mentioned that Ramdev’s medicine using animal bones.

here i am giving information on that.


there are many things which some may not understand,but i will explain briefly.

first,these allegations are made by BRUNDA KHARAT- a die hard marxist,this is most important factor,because in india there are 2 kinds of hindus.one is marxists whose only goal is to bring soviet type government and who have no respect or love for indian culture,heritage and knowledge.other is patriotic hindus.

now the facts,the so called reaserches she has shown on NDTV, is her own and not done by any professional and private institutes such as CFTRI-Central food fot technology and research centre.

then,the sample prodused by AYUSH is said to be made by Ramdev,but there is no evidence.then,the sample provided by Brunda bears the name as -


where as the name of the pharmacy of Ramdev is-“DIVYA YOGA PHARMACY”.

and it is from place-“KANKHAL” and not “HRISHIKESH”.

then, the paper submitted by AYUSH says that “the sample of beauty products of 1940 do not show ingridients”.they do not say that-it contained animal bone ashes.

one more thing,today the popularity of Ramdas is increasing in the state of kerala and west bengal which are the strong holds of communists.and election is also approaching.another interesting factor is that,BRUNDA KHARAT is a relation os PRONAB ROY,the owner of NDTV, that is showing this news more than any channel.

so, before questioning swami Ramdev,we should examine the loyalty and

genuinity of brunda kharat.