Survey on vegetarian diet and performance

I am a fellow vegan, and I am an applied physiology major and SMU. I am doing a research project about vegetarian nutrition and performance. Could you please help me in my data collection by taking the following survey? Your input is greatly appreciated!

How do you survive as a vegan athlete?

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What did you find in your research?

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You wanted to survey a monkey? Sorry I’m not a monkey (they’re generally stronger for eating leaves though).

How to survive as a vegan athlete? I gave up and went running in the middle of a 48 hour fast. :evil4: I’ve decided that such short term fasting is a state of mind (and I don’t get hungry), although physically it gave me a second wind that I didn’t have when eating more regularly (so my body seems to agree with it). Think of how it feels to run around the block after a big Thanksgiving dinner (of tofurkey), you’d be half dead! Okay, maybe that’s just me, and I didn’t really give up on veganism, yet I don’t think that going through 24/7 digestion, or having constant intestinal transit going on, helps athleticism, or is a panacea to health (you know, they don’t call it roughage for nothing). So I try to give the—yes it’s a word—pumpkinification a rest half the time (which in my experience is 24 hours after I finish carrying around the last meal, or 48 hours past eating it). Wild animals can skip meals too, and outrun me and you.

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Is Running on Pavement Risky? :bounce:

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It’s quite an open question… I have been a vegetarian for 33 years and vegan for 1. I have been weight training for hypertrophy for 4 years now and since going vegan, I can’t say I have noticed any difference in my body. I have generally always felt very good in terms of conditioning, vascular, strength and size. I continue to make great progress every week with weight on the bar increasing however I do supplement with vegan protein powder.
The aim is to look like Chris Hemsworth from Thor within a few more years :stuck_out_tongue: