Survey(it's quick!)

My name is Rin, and I’m new here. I have a project to do for my maths class, and I am drawing connections based on veganism, in relation to age and gender. So if you would not mind, I would greatly appreciate if you could answer these questions real quick!
I’m assuming everyone who answers is vegan, if not please specify vegetarian/pescatarian, etc.

How long you have been vegan:____

Thank you very much! :smiley:

Wow first let me say, I am surprised more people have not done this, and I realize I am responding almost a month after you posted this, but that is because I am a new member.

So my survey answer.

I am female, 28 years old. And I have been flirting with Veganism for about a week now, but officially full Vegan for one full day so far.


Middle aged

Since last summer with some lapses. But have been vegetarian for 36 years; no flesh foods at all.