Support Vegan Artists


This is a bit of a cheeky post but I’m making it anyway. I’m an amateur vegan singer-songwriter and have just started uploading bits and bobs to YouTube. In order to get my music out there to the masses I need to get enough views to actually appear in the listings. You can help out a fellow Vegan by simply following this link and having a listen to one of my songs, even if you think it’s pants…

(Grr, I’ve just put the link here but as I have not written 75 posts I can’t submit a link!! Well, if you type Mr3Chords (all one word) into YouTube I’ll come up.)

I’m not really a great artist or anything like that but I do try and add a bit of social commentary / real world stuff / politics into my songs because let’s face it - YouTube is full of pretty girls singing bloody love songs in too much make up. Anyway, any support would be greatly appreciated and sorry for posting this cheeky topic! Support a Vegan musician today!


Mr 3 Chords :smiley:

kool ill check it up!

do you often protest for animal rights?