Sugar? What's your take on it?


I take my veganism quite seriously - down to e numbers and “natural” flavours. The one thing Im not so strict about is sugar. I always buy vegan sugar but I do eat products which may have used refined sugar (and possibly through animal char as Im sure you all know). I wanted to know what other vegans’ take on this is. Do you eat sugar that may have been refined through animal bones?

Not on purpose, I just usually don’t think about it until I already ate the delicious sugary treat. :slight_smile:

Our goal is to have an impact without getting so bogged down with small details. So we may try to buy sugar that has not be refined with bone char, but we won’t worry about ingredients in products. My wife is getting ready to dive into Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) classes, so we may end up eating less and less sugar anyway! haha!

Of course, sugar is unhealthy, so its best to cut down on whether you are vegan or not :stuck_out_tongue: I actually use a sweetener and occasionally agave syrup. My local shop sells vegan-society approved treats if I get peckish :slight_smile:

Honestly, I still have no idea where I stand on this issue. When I’m at home baking, I always use organic cane sugar. However, if I’m eating Sun Chips, it’s okay to eat refined sugar? Haha. As far as candy goes, I never partake in that anyway, but if there is a small amount of refined sugar in the chips that I want to eat…then I’ll go for it. The actual sugar is vegan – it’s just not ethical. But just because it contains no actual animal bone char, doesn’t mean I’m okay with it. So I guess…how do I feel about it? Ambivalent.

I try to use organic raw sugar sometimes… but I prefer fruits instead of pure sugar. Applesauce is, for example an amazing vegan sweetener

I prefer pure sugar. That’s tasty also healthy.

Im shocked to see how many vegans don’t realise artificial sweeteners are not vegan & definitely worse for you than sugar.

Its not the case that they contain animal bits, which they don’t but they are tested in animals massively all the time.
A few years back over 10,000 animals had their throats cut open whilst concious for blood readings for sucralose/splenda

Shocking, but I agree all sugar should be vegan


Gibby - That IS interesting - I hadn’t heard that!

Can I give any suggestion? Here in the Philippines, we are using muscovado sugar. This type of sugar is personally milled by farmers and not by machines.The taste of it is just less sweeter than ordinary sugar. It is healthier because it contain different minerals. Hope this one can help you guys :wink: