Stretch Marks

Hi, there. Please help!
I am trying to get rid of the stretch marks on my legs. What is the best product that works for you?
Thanks and have great day!!!

Hey :slight_smile:
I have stretch marks on my legs too - I think most people get them. They do fade with time, and I don’t really worry about them.

I know some people will use moisturising creams, or rub castor oil on their skin, to prevent stretch marks if they are pregnant or gaining/losing weight. Cocoa Butter Cream is often recommended to soften scars

If there is a cure, I’ld like to know too! :smiley:

I know there are Scar Removal products that claim to remove stretch marks. Once apon a time I was going to try them, but then I began to like my stretch marks (odd, huh), so I never went through with it.

i have stretch mark on my legs too…
i just put a lotion on it and i think it works…
my cousin used something and put on her marks and her marks fades a bit… i

Though there are various cremes and medicated lotions to be used for the same…I have got no result from any.

i have some stretch marks on my tummy after giving birth and my hubby really think its hilarious, every time he sees my tummy he will really laugh hard, so i decided to find a cure… I have used cocoa butter lotion and this truly lighten the stretch marks.

Creams will lighten and fade stretch marks and scars. The reason they remain is that people are too anxious and give up after a short time. Consistency is the key, keep applying cream not matter how long, weeks, months. You will see results, just not soo fast in every cases as each is different. Only with chemical peels with acne is every case the same.

I had good results with Excel Skin Care’s all purpose cream which can be used for scars as well. They have a store on Amazon which has the best prices. I still use their products, the anti aging serums.

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