straight edge???

Are you straight edge and what do you think about it?

Forgive me for being slow… Am I right in thinking being sXe or straight edge being “drug free?” :unamused:

And what sort of drugs are we talking about - prescribed ones? :astonished: Or just illegal ones? Or caffeine/alcohol/tobacco? Do legal herbal remedies such as kava kava, valerian and wormwood count?

I have no first hand experience with being straight-edge or of knowing any straight-edgers.

No drugs, stimulants, pre-marital sex … .ect, ect, ect,. . .

My brother-in-law tells me that when he was in high school the sXe’ers were a openly violent group targeting anybody and everybody who was not sXe.

My only impression of them now is like a health conscious White Supremisist group.

But the whole reason I do all this clean living is to get laid :unamused:

Err… that made me sound really slutty… just kidding :smiley:

That’s scary :astonished: maybe it explains why there’s some vehement anti-veg in the world: they think we’re all like this?

I don’t really label myself with anything other than “vegan”, but I think the straight edge principles are really amazing.

People who drink but don’t get drunk or violent is good. People who don’t drink at all is better.
People who smoke by themselves and don’t put the smoke near others is good. People who don’t smoke at all is better.
People who put up with others is good. People who respect those people is better.

I think a lot of vegans are straight edge because the vegan lifestyle fits very close with the straight edge lifestyle.

um, yeah, but I didn’t actually know what that meant until I read this :slight_smile: and I’m not in a violent group, most people think I’m really un-straight-edgey (or however you’d say that). So I guess I don’t think anything about it??

I’m kinda curious when I first saw the topic, I don’t know what straight edge really mean but based on your post. I can say that I am not… ( straight edge—>drug free?) I still have hard time of thinking what it is… :confused:

Sorry for posting so late…
I’m straight-edge, and though it isn’t the coolest thing ever (especially when looking at modern-day lyrics), there’s nothing malicious about it. It’s a bunch of people banding together and trying to do what they believe in. They don’t see what’s so mind-meltingly amazing about drinking, or drugs, or sex, or smoking, so they abstain from it.

Caffeine is a sometimes thing (depending on the edge-er), prescription meds are okay, but random drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes are a no-no. Many sXe people are vegetarian or vegan, it isn’t a forced thing, it’s a way of life.

Being an old school punk rocker myself, I was very impressed by the 80’s version of sxe. At that time, I don’t recall the movement ever having violent and racist overtones. I agree with its premises, but, alas, I’m not fully sxe myself, as I will share a joint with a friend and I do like a cocktail now and then. But, I have no desire to drink when alone, so those bottles of liquor last forever, lol. And celibacy? Well, it ain’t by choice, lol…

I agree with rriotgirl’s points…

Ive never felt comfortable around party animals. They often become out of control and as well, resent it when you’re not willing to get high, etc…

But, in the last analysls, I don’t care if people aren’t sxe, as long as their partying doesn’t impact me in any way…

Oh, yeah and I believe in the legalization or at least, decriminalization of drugs, as I feel this will get them out of the hands of dealers, kingpins and cartels, and would cut down on violent crime…