Stop This Genocide of Our Wildlife

Trap Free Montana is urging everyone to contact Congress to stop funding Wildlife Services, a mass murderer of our wildlife.

Here is what I said:

Dear Congressman:

Wildlife Services-a barbaric, wasteful and misnamed agency within the US Department of Agriculture, has been having their way for almost a century, our government’s secret war on wildlife has been killing millions of native predators and birds as well as maiming, poisoning, and brutalizing countless non-targeted and endangered species, along with quite a few pets and seriously injuring people PARTICULARLY THROUGH THEIR USE OF THE SO CALLED CYANIDE BOMB WHICH IS SHOT INTO THE ANIMALS MOUTH CAUSING AN AGONIZING DEATH.

Brooks Fahy, the man behind Predator Defense and the landmark film, “EXPOSED”, brings three former federal agents and a Congressman who blow the whistle on the atrocities committed under the guise of problem animal control, and proving Wildlife Services for what it really is: A barbaric, unaccountable, government sanctioned, out-of-control wildlife killing machine funded on our dime, which apparently thinks they will continue getting away with it.

I along with many pet owners and parents of the small children terrorized by the barbaric killing of their pets and who were almost victims themselves DEMAND Congress to defund Wildlife Services, and after this program, hopefully, you will, particularly those who say they support humane legislation. Now prove it by taking the action demanded. To me actions speak louder than words


This agency must be shut down and shut down good not only for our wildlife but for the protection of our children and their pets.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Editorialist.