Stop Hunt with the Trumps for $1million

The wildlife of our nation will not fare well under the presidency of Donald Trump. In fact on the very first day of Mr. Trump’s presidency our wildlife will begin to suffer more than they have ever suffered in the past when Mr. Trump’s two sons both ardent hunters sponsor “Hunt with the Trumps for $1million” so the President-elect can start a fundraiser the day after inauguration where donors can win the chance to go shooting with Donald’s sons. How sickening can his sons get to promote such an event and even worse their father who is not a hunter sanctions the event.

There are even reports that one or both his sons could have shot an endangered species on one of their so called hunting escapades. To me I think such an approach for raising money should not be a killing event which emphasizes death as its main theme. There is already too much violence and killing in the world to perpetuate it any further and particularly towards those who cannot defend nor speak for themselves. Rather it should be one that emphasizes hope and prosperity towards humans and our wildlife.

If this is going to be the tone of the Trump presidency our fragile environment is at grave risk. Not only the animals but we humans will suffer as well through failure to enforce sound environmental practices that have cleaned up our air and made our water safe to drink. One of the main problems here which unfortunately for too many Republicans and even Mr. Trump to accept is the tendency to put profit ahead of human life and a safe and clean environment. And this is one of the biggest reasons why we have more and more regulation of business with laws to ensure people can work under safe environmental conditions. Big labor has always been lax in providing a safe working environment for its employees and it is because of these regulations working conditions are made safer for their employees, If corporations would only police themselves in these areas of providing safe working conditions for their employees these regulations would not be necessary.

Returning once again toward that big hunting event why should our wildlife be subjected to the cruel practice of hunting and trapping. I say cruel because of one of the methods used is by bow and arrow. The cruelty results when an animal cannot always be killed with one shot and the arrow remains in its body which causes a slow, agonizing type of death. Also many innocent animals are killed as well through being mistaken targets. Trapping also has its horrors resulting in animals biting their legs off to escape or if this doesn’t work the trapped animal is subject to brutal weather conditions and attacks by predatory animals.

The celebration of this event should be one of promise, a promise of a better life for the people and animals of this nation, not one that results in death and destruction for either species.

So for all of us who profoundly oppose this event let our voices be heard by contacting Mr. Trump which can be done through an e-mail by clicking on the following link: Let’s try to make America Great Again for not only for ourselves but our wildlife as well by convincing Mr. Trump this is not an ethical nor moral way to raise money for his campaign. Remember ALL LIVES MATTER to God including not only the human race but for the rest of His creation as well. IN FACT THAT IS ONE OF THE REASONS FOR Christ’s incarnation which will be to restore all creation to its beautiful and perfect state where there shall be no more harm done on His holy mountain. Death ends once and for all for those who will abide there, whether it be human life or otherwise.