Stop from Selling Cruel Steel Jaw Leg Hold Traps

I have just learned from Defenders of Animals in their latest e-zine that the largest retailer in the US made its name as an online bookstore, but what it sells now is more horrifying than the darkest work of fiction. The multibillion-dollar organization is selling notoriously cruel animal killing devices, including snares and “leghold” traps, which are intended to severely injure and kill any animal unfortunate enough to get caught.
Victims of Amazon’s range of vicious traps can suffer in agony for hours on end, dehydrated, traumatized and without hope. Captured animals will often struggle to the point of exhaustion. If the traps or snares are set in or near water, trapped animals may drown.

Amazon stocks not just one trap, but a whole variety, that claim to target specific animals. Gopher, weasel, fox, mink, raccoon, and muskrat traps can all be found on the website, misleading purchasers to believe that specific traps will catch specific animals. However, snares and leghold traps often end up brutally catching and killing unintended victims, including non-target species such as birds, other wild animals or even dogs and cats.

As if that weren’t shocking enough, Amazon is complicit in the murder of America’s wild animals, shipping out the killing devices from its own warehouses. In some areas, you can order and start killing on the very same day.
These savage traps and snares should not be sold.

Please write Amazon and protest that you will not buy products from them and if you have an existing account you will cancel until they stop selling this infamous devices. You can contact the CEO, Jeff
Bezos as follows:

Mr. Jeff Bezos, CEO
P. O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226
Phone: (206) 266-1000