Steps toward a vegan world.

What actions step by step should we do to finally come to a vegan world?

SMILE :smiley: And be fabulous, happy, and full of positive energy!

Seriously, I think it is good to lead by example. People I haven’t seen in a while remark on how much healthier and better I seem, and people I’ve just met usually remark at the way I tuck into a beautiful vegetarian dish with such enthusiasm! I think people associate being vegan with depriving yourself, so they are interested to find out a little more about it if you are outwardly cheerful and enjoying life.

Secondly, education is important. It never fails to amaze me how little people know about their food: how it’s farmed, how milk is obtained, and the conditions in which meat is packed and processed. Horse-meat is often a thought-provoking talking point - I work with Italians who usually find it hilarious that British people will eat beef but not horse! Maybe the vegan society or similar could provide some information packs / worksheets for schools? When I was at school we had pro-meat worksheets provided by the Ministry of Agriculture (or whatever they were called at the time).

Hi AndyBa,

I think don’t think there is a correct step by step guide for the world to finally become vegan I think it is all about influence and sharing the positive results that come from being vegan. I actually first became vegan when I was educated on the matter by a couple friends. They shared the pros and cons and it really opened my eyes to the vegan world! I think by sharing more knowledge on being vegan in schools and social media could really help. I also think people need to promote more vegan products so for example I will only buy vegan beauty products or even if I’m decorating the house I will only buy paint from vegan brands such as Victory Colours.

Sharing the positive outcomes of veganism with others could be the first main step to becoming vegan. It won’t happen over night but little by little such as buying vegan products and using vegan brands can really be a step forward.