Staying Fit & Healthy While Travelling

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a problem that I had during my four months travelling in South America.

I have been doing plenty of walking and hiking but also plenty of eating. Cusco for example was amazing for Vegan food. But being vegan doesn’t always mean healthy. Also on a lot of the hikes we ate a lot of white bread (they had eggs available for vegetarians but they didn’t really cater for vegans). I started to fall into the trap of getting desserts just because they were vegan. One day as I was looking in the mirror I started to feel really bad about how I looked. I had lost all the muscle definition that I attained working out vigorously at home and had most certainly started to jiggle a lot more.

I really had to compose myself and remember that I was travelling the world!! Who cares if I was a little more ‘fluffy’ than usual. It’s uncomfortable not to fit into my clothes as well as I used to but I am taking a year out to travel which is an amazing experience. I couldn’t believe I was getting down about my weight.

However there was a middle ground to be achieved here. This gave me a great chance to remember everything I had learned and get control of my thoughts and actions again. The desserts had to stop, my health is far more important. I also try and work out everyday. But it is also ok if I miss a day because I am touring an amazing new location. I just wondered if anyone else had come across this during long term travel?

I made a blog post about it if anyone is interested in reading:-

I drink lot’s of water, eat 5-6 small meals, (veggie, vegan, protein) I avoid trans & sat. fats, heavy foods, sugar, like others have posted , I bring the elastic band, I do stretching & back exercises. I have found a few places that have free leisure centers, which I will use, & of course, in addition to walks & hikes, I walk & use stairs whenever I can. I take very good care of my feet, checking them every day.