Spit or Swallow

is it right for a vegetarian or vegan to swallow considering cum comes from a mammal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if it’s the same species (i.e. human in our case), otherwise it wouldn’t be vegan. Vegetarians can swallow any cum though.

BTW. Try to use the search option before you post, this topic was already discussed on the forum.

roxychick, why you are so interested in this matter?

An interesting info:
Here are the words of
[b]Sue Johanson, host of the Sunday Night Sex Show:

“Vegetarians—vegans—who only eat fruits and vegetables, their ejaculate is sweet and nutlike. Whereas males who eat meat, their ejaculate tastes bitter, like burnt leather. So tell him if he wants you to swallow, he’s got to give up meat, otherwise you’re not going to do it.”

Read more here: downbound.com/Vegan_Sex_s/92.htm

A funny thought came to mind. “Maybe I should try out my own cum, see if it’s as sweet and nutlike as it should be.”

I have read from different topic of this forum… It is just fine to swallow it, no one’s been hurt or killed… I think…