Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Very good movie, from the stallion’s point of view.It showed what pain
and suffering is involved in “breaking” a horse. It shows the white
man’s treatment of “colonizing” the west, their treatment to Native
folk, and how the native folk tamed their horses in comparison.

It has an animal message in that it really views
things from the horses point of view.

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How can you be so sure?
Have you even been a horse? :slight_smile:

I bought this DVD for my son but I actually think I enjoyed and appreciated its content more than him. I like the way the movie shows the difference between the approach of the white man from the natives in dealing with nature. After watching the movie it occured to me that the white man didn’t give much respect to nature while the natives made it a point to connect themselves with their environment. Another excellent aspect of the movie was that it was all seen from the perspective of the stallion.

Yeah I loved this movie! Really motivating and inspirational. I’m a 3D artist myself… or rather a 3D animator so It was more then an animated movie for me.


For me this is my absolute favorite horse movie bekuz 1:Ever since I was in diapers ive been around horses 2:Favorite animal 3:Great movie kuz for once its from the horses point of view an the best thing 4:No horses or other animals got hurt to make the movie = D