Spiced Indian Tea


      o 4 t black tea
      o 1 pint / 475 ml boiling water
      o 1 pint / 475 ml hot soy milk
      o Cardamom
      o Cloves
      o Cinnamon
      o Brown sugar


      o Fennel and/or anise seed 

Bring water to rolling boil and pour over tea leaves. Some import shops carry ground tea spices which may be added to the pot with the tea, but you can do just as well by tossing into the teapot the spices listed above. Be cautious with the anise and fennel seed unless you’re sure you like their flavours. The spices will of course emerge more prominently if you boil them in the water for a few minutes before adding it to the tea.

Brew the tea for just 5 minutes - no more, no less - and strain immediately into a quart/litre sized teapot. Add very hot milk and a little sugar.