Spare That Bird

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the headline of an article written about Thanksgiving, entitled, “Spare the Bird”. Being involved in animal welfare work I just naturally thought it was from PETA, the title certainly sounds like something they would use in their many campaigns to save wildlife, BUT IT WASN’T. It was written by a concerned American who wanted to see the exploitation of this holiday stopped, which in his case was for the greedy super department stores not to call their employees to work right after midnight of Thanksgiving Day. He wanted as I and many others do to stop grouping these holidays together just so corporations can make more money.

With this all aside I think it would be a great idea to spare the bird altogether. If the turkey is the true icon for this holiday and means so much to its celebration, let’s honor the bird as we do our national emblem, the eagle, who is protected by Federal law from harming him in anyway, including harvesting for eating.

It seems we all realize deep down we are not treating this creature with the respect it deserves when we have to have the President each year issue a presdential pardon for at least one turkey out of many million. Since “the bird” generally is only eaten on holidays and we do without the rest of the year, lets make that a truly “respect the bird” move. I am sure the turkeys would value that respect over all others.

Come on PETA, this is your shining hour. Just an ordinary citizen dropped this noble idea in your lap and has given you a head start. Turn this into a national movement for a bird Benjamin Franklin admired more than the Eagle to be used for our national symbol. Benjamin Franklin says, “America respect that Bird”.