Spain: New action against bull-killings youtubed

(Equanimal’s second “bullring raid”)

Hello everyone, Six activists of the Spanish AR org. Equanimal successfully carried out Equanimal’s second “bullring raid” past June 22nd.

These bullring raids demanding the abolition of bull-killings and advocating for animal rights are being viewed by the media as a new stage in the struggle towards the abolition of bull-killings.

You can watch the video at:

And you can post a comment supporting the abolition of bull-killings at (on the bottom of the website):

Also, in case you missed out our first bullring raid (which got international media attention) you can watch it at (with English subs):

Thanks and Go Vegan!

I am afraid but the video was removed from you tube… But for me, bull-killing should be abolish…

Bull fighting is only entertainment for barbarics

bull-killings is a sport for people without knowledge.