Soy Meat (TVP) Recipe

Soy Meat(TVP) is usually sold in dried form, here is a recipe how make it taste good:

One package of soy meat
Onions 2-3 big onions or 5-6 smaller
Garlic about 15 gloves of garlic
black pepper powder
red hot pepper powder
soy sauce
3 spoons of oil

You fill a medium/big pot half with water, put it on fire, while it boils you peel and cut onions and garlic.
When water is boiling, you’ll add salt, soy sauce and onions, water should taste a little over salted, let the onion boil for 5 min.
Then you add minced or thin sliced garlic, spices and oil. And start putting soy meat pieces into the water, you can put them until your pan is filled, then you stop your fire and let the meat soak for few hours.
Then you fry soaked soy meat, you can coat soy meat in flour or in dried bread crumbs before frying.
The best soy meat for this recipe is steak formed soy meat.