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there is no such thing as happy meat.

Wow - I haven’t seen “Happy Meat” (yet) :astonished: Although I have noticed a movement towards “humanely raised” products (free range chicken, sustainable fish stocks, etc.). They are often promoted as healthy too. It is so scary what power the media have to feed people these stories :frowning:

Only yesterday I was talking to a businesswoman who wanted to build “sustainable communities” with a cow for each community. She clearly hadn’t thought what must be done to the cow to make milk or beef :unamused:

yes the corporate mass media has too much power, they only regurgitate the lies and disinformation of the corporate elite.

I think the issues of “happy meat” will become more and more prominent in the media as the weight of proof about the terrible methods of factory farming becomes widespread. But when you get to the issue of the destructive properties of animal protein, as set out in the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, it doesn’t matter whether meat is happy or not. Actually I think the dangers of animal protein is the most shocking piece of news not in the news.

Hi Sandyloam! I haven’t read this book. Would you mind summarising what these destructive properties Mr Campbell found are? … q=&f=false

Happy meat? What are they up to? What do they want to point out?