solve this for me!

I’m a semester away from getting my associates degree in medical coding and reimbursement, and I have a few questions about the medical coding field.

  1. Whats your usual day like? In a cubicle all day?

  2. How hard is it to remember guidelines?

  3. Whats expected of you in your job? Do you have to meet a quota every hour of number of cases coded?

  4. The certification test, how hard is it to pass?

  5. Is your job very stressful or is it just like any other job?

  6. I have both a bachelors degree in Information management (I concentrated on healthcare for my minor I guess you’d call it) and I’ll have an associates degree in Medical Coding and Reimbursement, do you think it’ll be easier for me to find a job in medical coding and do you think I can ask for higher pay based on having two degrees?

Thanks for your time. I appreciate the help!