Social Skills From Play

A child’s first five years are among the most formative of his or her life. Parents watch in amazement as their children learn to walk, talk, make friends and play with others.

A survey out today asked UK parents what they felt were the main benefits of their child’s play. More than 6,000 adults had their say and one in three (35 per cent) felt that social skills were the greatest benefit followed by 27 per cent voting for confidence building.

Commenting on the survey results, Jacqueline Harding, Director of Tomorrow’s Child, a recognised authority on child development, and contributor to A Parent’s Guide to Playing and Learning with Noddy said:

"The survey’s results show that parents value social skills as essential in life. This is an important skill for children to master so they are comfortable mixing with others, especially at nursery or pre-school where their success is largely determined upon their emotional and social intelligence.

“One way these skills are often enhanced is through interaction with book or TV characters. Learning from the life lessons that Noddy experiences, for example, gives young children confidence about the world around them, essential for forging friendships. Offered through Noddy’s world, these skills enhance mental and physical wellbeing. It is reassuring that Noddy is teaching young children the skills, and particularly the social interaction skills, most sought after and valued in life.”

The survey comes as the official Noddy website is relaunched to include a wealth of new features to excite and engage pre-schoolers including learning games and the facility to watch episodes of the popular “Make Way for Noddy” online.

By registering for free at the Noddy website, users are entitled to a raft of benefits, including an exclusive game, a Noddy newsletter, a free episode and half price subscription to more content. Additionally, all registrants will be sent the Parent’s Guide to Playing and Learning with Noddy, a booklet full of educational games and useful information to show how engaging with Noddy can help with a child’s development (subject to availability).

Harding adds:

“The incredible numbers responding to the survey demonstrate that many parents for whom their child’s social skills are paramount already recognise the Noddy website as a primary means of engaging with Noddy’s life lessons outside of the books and TV show.”