What is the general consensus around here regarding snakes? I would imagine keeping one is negative, but I have a corn snake and have never really understood the reasons why. Snakes in captivity have healthy food that wont fight back, a perfectly heated enclosure, vet care anytime, protection from predators, clean water and living conditions, and the right amount of food. Also, snakes aren’t like chimpanzees or parrots–they’re not super intelligent, and possess only a reptilian brain. This brain is very primal, and they’re not as complex as other animals are. They’re not depressed (at least mine isn’t), and they get stressed out in too big of a cage. I’m not saying that you should give a snake a small cage, it’s just that they would be unhappy in a room. They’re very different from mammals, and a lot of times people judge them wrong because they think they live like mammals. Thanks.

I suggest looking at it not just from your point of view or the point of view of other humans.

Certainly a snake may be safer in a cage, but can it enjoy the full life that it would in the wild? Can it enjoy the sun? A swim? Sex?
The sights, sounds and smells of it’s natural environment? Can it satisfy it’s curiosity, and need for stimulation?

I’ve had a respect and affection for snakes for well over sixty years. I used to capture and cage them when I was a child, taking them to school for science projects. Garter snakes, ribbon snakes, water snakes, brown snakes (called DeKay’s snakes back then), ring-necked snakes, queen snakes and one gorgeous milk snake! But I never kept them long, always releasing them back to where I believed they belong…

I feel the same way about confining any animals.

Only a very small percentage of snake species are any danger to humans.

All species of animal should be free in the wild. :smiley:

snakes eat iguana babies :silent: