Smart children more likely to become vegetarians

Smart children more likely to become vegetarians
Children with high IQs are more likely to be vegetarians when they grow up, according to research. A British study of more them 8,000 men and women aged 30 whose IQs had been measured when they were 10, showed that the higher the IQ, the greater the odds of being a vegetarian.“People who are more intelligent as children, who will obviously keep that intelligence when they are 30, were more likely to say they are vegetarians at that age than those that were less intelligent,” said Dr Catherine Gale, an epidemiologist at the University of Southampton in England.
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This is amazing… Children do really have high IQ because they choose to live a healthy life…

Very interesting. However I would still like to think that anyone can become a vegetarian or vegan regardless of ‘IQ’ or how booksmart they are. But I am still happy to see that vegans and vegetarians have high iq’s!

It seems to me that both would affect each other…children who are smart often think enough to consider their choices and go veg, while veg*ns tend to have clearer minds and thus more power of thought!

Well yes, smart childrend start to think more deeply then average children. It also might cause depression.

Many vegetarists that I know or have heard about, started to be veges in early teenage. So did I, at 12 years old. Even thoug I started to eat meat again at some point. But now Ive been 3 years vegan.