Small animal sanctuary in the middle of nowhere (South-Eastern Europe)

Hey guys.
We (me and my wife) are writing you from that small, unknown country on the Eastern Balkan (South-Eastern Europe) called Serbia. Most people don’t even know that countries like this even exist in Europe. However we are here, living in this small, forgotten region with all these non-advanced people caring very little even for themselves and their families, not to speak about animals. But animals do exist here, and they live very miserable lives, especially farm animals. It’s very hard to find an animal that you can actually save from torture because there aren’t any standards for keeping “cattle” at all. There are laws for treating animals, but in practice nobody is obligated to respect them. So It’s very hard to even save farm animals, not to mention that some animal welfare associations here (they exist only in big cities) are only interested in saving cats and dogs.So my wife and I decided to move to the countryside and help animals as much as we can do physically and financially.In a year, we succeeded to save one goat, pig, two chickens and sheep (you can see some of their pictures below) . They live very happy lives now with our dogs and cats. We wish this will grow into one big animal sanctuary one day, even though in our hopes and dreams we are big anyway.

We decided to fully dedicate ourselves to them and to the other animals that we could possibly save in the future. We get on ourselves and haven’t asked for anyone’s help except some family members. However , we thought about future of our small sanctuary and decided to ask anyone who is free will to support us. But we don’t want this to be without us giving you anything in return. So we made a shutterstock account where we put pictures of our animals. Also some good people told us yesterday that we should make a Patreon account, so that can be affordable for everyone. So we did it. By buying a picture or becoming a patron you will help us to make supplies for our animals, and the animals we will save in the future. Also we will try to upload new pictures of our animals as often as we can so you can follow them every day.

Thanks for reading this and sorry for my poor English. :slight_smile: We would be grateful If you share our post to your friends or anyone you know that could help us.

Check out our photos, we will try to upload new images of our family every day:

This is our Patreon account, we’ve just made it :

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Love you guys! :slight_smile: