Sierra Leone bologi (Crassocephalum spp.)

Sierra Leone bologi (Crassocephalum spp.)
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Crassocephalum is a genus the common names of whose members include ragleaf, thickhead, and bologi. Several species are raised as leaf vegetables and used for medicine, especially in West Africa.

C. biafrae, also called Sierra Leone bologi or worow, is a shade tolerant perennial vine grown especially in Sierra Leone, often on trellises. Its spinach-like leaves are often eaten steamed. [1][1]

C. rubens, also called Yoruban bologi, is an erect annual herb growing up to 80 cm tall. It is grown and consumed especially in Southwestern Nigeria, but also as far away as Yemen, South Africa, and islands of the Indian Ocean. Its mucilaginous leaves are used as a dry or fresh vegetable in a variety of dishes, and as medicine for several different ailments. [1]