Should i let it go to waste?

Well basically, some months ago a jacket was purchased for me by a family member, with them not understanding the connection between wool and vegans… I was unable to return it. And ever since then its been sitting in my closet because no one wants it since its a pretty big coat and wouldn’t fit anybody I know. And id hate to just give it to the a good will or a thrift store since the ones in my area are pretty…well we dont need to get into that.
Im just looking for opinions on if people were in this situation if they’d use it so it doesnt get put to waste, I dont know if this is really making sense and if im just going to get bashed for asking that. :confused:
But yeah, opinions please :]

Ever since transitioning I’ve started to sell and donate a lot of my pre-vegan stuff.

I’d sell it for a good price - that way, You’re giving someone else the opportunity to have something lavish they might otherwise not get and helping to save animals by making it so that the purchaser doesn’t have to buy from a store and could purchase an already existing item that doesn’t need to be replenished in stock. Does that make sense?

I always think about the joy that some of my old things gave to people and feel better that it means no more animals have to be harmed.

If you wish to present yourself as “avoiding” obvious animal products then giveaway or throwaway are the choices I guess. I personally would not want money for them - I would just give them away. When I went vegan I had some leather items - I justified it in my mind at the time that giving them to someone else to wear or use meant the animal did not die in vein for something I paid for. Something like that anyhow.