Should I end my life?

I am a 27 year old Russian-American woman living in New York. I am currently a part-time student finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. I am graduating from college next semester. Unfortunately, my cumulative GPA is only a 2.5 because I screwed up my freshman and sophomore years of college. I have Asperger’s syndrome and poor time management skills, which made it difficult for me to take a full course load each semester and get good grades in every course. I am interested in pursuing a career in biological anthropology, population genetics, forensic anthropology, archaeology, environmental science, climate change, sustainability, public health, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, or animal behavior. I would like to kill myself because my horrible GPA would prevent me from getting a job. Unfortunately, employers look at GPA and transcripts to determine whether or not a candidate is qualified for a position. No one will care about the fact that I struggled in college due to my disability. I am so tired of being in school forever that I’m not going to stay an extra semester to raise my GPA. I am depressed and I don’t have any friends anymore. During the weekends, I used to enjoy going to science lectures, bookstores, art museums, world music concerts, and hiking trips. Now, I stay alone in my room crying all the time. I am constantly thinking about methods to commit suicide, such as jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, drowning, poisoning myself, cutting myself with a knife, or being eaten by animals. Do you think that I should continue living or kill myself after graduating from college with a 2.5? I feel like my life is over.

Despite a rather high IQ, I graduated college with a 2.97, and while I’m glad I went to college, it has not benefited in any financial way.

You are a good person, obviously with concern and compassion for the world around you. I’d be glad to be friends with you. And I don’t care about your skin color, sexual preference or your religious beliefs. My personal email is lutz.don@gmail.,com.