serious question

my youngest sister is vegan and Ive asked her many times if being vegan means that she wont suck cock (because most men refer to it as meat), what do the rest of you vegans think?

no animal was killed or is harmed, so i would say no problem for your sister to suck you cock.

Last time I checked girls didnt have cocks so it would be rather hard for her to suck “my” cock as I’m also a girl, besides we aint inbreed Americans or into incest so it wouldnt fit the bill if you catch my drift. You on the other hand sound like you could use a cock down your throat, prehaps it will choke you and thats one less hippie in the world, just saying :cheers:

“last time i checked”

Hilarious, you actually did go and check if your sister had a dick ?? :cheers: