Seeking Pro-Animal Rights Literature

I a philosopher (and programmer) attempting to research and diagram arguments relating to animal rights. I’m looking for help finding literature with certain types of pro animal rights arguments.

What I’ve done so far: … hts-debate

I’m skeptical of animal rights but I’m trying to deal with the issues in an objective, truth seeking way. The types of arguments I’m looking for are specified in the diagram. I want arguments that would allow me to add more nodes to the diagram.

The main thing I’m looking for are arguments relating to modern science and computation which rigorously differentiate animals from robots controlled by software. I would expect the author to be a skilled programmer who agrees that brains are computers, understands computational universality, has something substantive to say about the difference between non-AGI algorithms and intelligence, acknowledges and specifies many types of non-intelligent algorithms (e.g. A* and everything else used in current video games), and then gives some scientific documentation of specific animal behaviors and why they can’t be accounted for with non-intelligent algorithms.

I’ve searched a bunch and haven’t been able to find this so far.

Rigorous, modern, scientific arguments that brains are not computers would also be relevant. Arguments for dualism could be relevant too. Arguments against my epistemology (Critical Rationalism) could also be relevant. I’d prefer arguments which specifically relate to nodes in my discussion tree diagram.

Academic papers are fine. Books are fine. Paywalls are fine. Nothing is too technical or detailed. But those aren’t requirements, e.g. serious blog posts are OK too. I’m not very interested in people writing ad hoc rebuttals in forum comments. If you want to debate me personally, see

Animals feel pain and have a desire to survive just like humans.
These qualities were essential for the survival of any animal species that have the ability to move.
That’s all you need to know.