Science vs Religion!

Just an interesting topic to warm up the forum. :slight_smile:
What can make us really belive in god?

A physical sign would make me believe in god. Whether it be a personal visit or something so cataclysmic that it would have to be an act of higher power. People believe what they believe because of association, emotional attachment, or a fear of the unknown and being punished.

So if a guy would come to you and say: Hi, I’m god.
Would it be a physical sign? :smiley:

No. Something supernatural on a large scale would suffice. Like moving a mountain or ending poverty.

What do you mean by supernatural… something that you can’t explain with your current knowledge?

By supernatural I mean something magical like horses flying through the air with angelic warriors on their back, or a giant as tall as a skyscraper stepping out of the heavens, or even some of the magical events mentioned in the bible; A cure for aids and cancer would be nice and well received. I question the existence of a creator because there is so much turmoil around the world. It is my belief that a so called loving god would intercede.

Everything around us the sun, the sky, rain and snow, grass, women, music and wine tells me that god exists and he loves us. Especially me! :slight_smile:
I don’t need more to believe!

Peace Alistar. I don’t believe it has ever been proven that god or the universal idea of god is responsible for creating everything. It is comforting to think that someone omnipotent has control over our lives, and the need for comfort stems from fear and ignorance of the unknown. Do you have any proof that god created the things that you mentioned?

Practically it’s imossible to demonstrate that God exists. That’s why we are talking about believing in God and not knowing that he exists.
Personally for me it’s enough to show that God can exist… the rest is a matter of choice. :slight_smile:

I guess we’ll all find out (or not) in the end. For now, I practice
the religion of my own called KINDNESS. It’s easy, and you don’t
have to give 10 percent of your earnings!

Not so easy if one lives among assholes :slight_smile:
You can’t be kind with an asshole because he will abuse of that.

You shouldn’t go acting like anyone’s religion is not true or causing them to doubt it. That’s considered a sin in religion, and you’re causing it. Don’t tell people to give you proof. The proof they can offer you is what their religious book says.

I will now state my own personal beliefs…
And, I, being a believer in Christianity, think that if you go around doubting God, he will have to prove to you himself that he is real, by causing things to happen to you, until you realize where it’s all coming from.

And to the person who said, “I have my own religion, KINDNESS, blah blah blah”

There is a scripture in the Bible saying that God loves a cheerful giver. So don’t make Christians think that people are cheating them out of their money. Even if money doesn’t go to the church, people still will be rewarded for being generous.

I don’t know why you started this topic, other than to put down people’s religion and cause controversy. You just wanted to start an argument and you know it.

For me I don’t have to see any physical signs just to believe in God. Ever since I was a child people keep telling me that the early christians believed in Jesus Christ because he performed miracles. If that’s the case then their faith is only based upon material and worldly matters. I don’t even know why I believe in God, which for me is even something that profoundly affects my faith. I know there is a God because I feel His presence everywhere, I see it in the beauty and awesome power of nature, in the inherent goodness and flaws of humanity. All these remains as a mystery but only through faith that we can answer that.

Actually I started this topic to see how people think.

So you could have people who don’t “think” the same argue over it! I hate it when people come on forums just to start fights up

You are right this is a fight in a way. But a lot of people may learn from it.
Knowing others people point of view, that’s what will make people more tolerant in the real world and may stop some real fights.

People will learn from it…

People will learn that there are just some people out there who think they are the smartest people in the world and can declare if there is a God or not because scientific evidence or other stupid worthless junk.

the vegan idea?

I believe you are the one who is trying to instigate an argument here. Why don’t you just comment on the issue being discussed and don’t mind what will happen to the other people who will also post their thoughts here.

You’re from Maine…maybe the climate’s cold and it froze your brain.

How can be a vegetarian and NOT religious? What point is there in caring about anyone’s life, including animals, if you’re not religious? I don’t see how you can care about animals and killing in the least without being religious.