Save Achilles--"The Wolf Dog"

I am quite sure several of you have heard about the plight of Achilles, the dog that was considered a wolf getting loose and killing a dog nearby. This incident occurred in Henrico County, Virginia which is almost in the City of Richmond. Unfortunately the laws of Henrico County make it mandatory to euthanize an animal caught in such a situation unless it could be transferred to a sanctuary. The owner is heartbroken as Achilles whom she has had for almost five years never attacked another animal or human and this incident could have been caused as a result of maybe an act by the other dog which Achilles considered aggressive. The whole story can be accessed on WTVR.6, our local TV station covering the story. You can access it here: … uthanized/

If you wish to join a growing number of people concerned about the plight of Achilles and want to help get him transferred to the Moon Farm Sanc

Virgil R. Hazelett
Manager’s Office
Henrico County, VA
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

Phone: (804) 501-4206
Fax: (804) 501-4162

Chief, Animal Control
Henrico County, Va.

If you care to write here is a sample letter which you can copy and paste into your e-mail or print it out as a letter.

Dear :

I am joining with many other concerned citizens about the fate of Achilles, the dog that killed the smaller dog just recently in your county. We feel that it was an accident as there has been no record of Achilles doing any harm to any other animal and that you should allow the Full Moon Farm people who are willing to arrange a transfer to their sanctuary to be allowed the transfer.

There is no need for any further killing to take place. Even the owner agrees to such an arrangement having expressed profound sorrow over the incident and paid the vet bill for the other dog that was killed.

Please have a heart and allow this transfer to be made.