Santol (Sandoricum koetjape)

Description: Large, fast-growing tree from 50-150ft tall. Leaves are arranged in leaflets of three. There are two main varieties of santol: red and yellow. The leaves of the yellow variety turn yellow when old and the fruits are often sweet. In the red variety, the underside of the leaves turn red when old, the leaves themselves are velvety underneath, and the fruit has a thicker rind, less pulp, and is typically sour. There are excellent varieties of both.

Hardiness: Santol’s are tropical but will stand brief periods of frost. Young plants are even less hardy. Protect from temperatures below 32F.

Growing Environment: N/A

Propagation: By seed, air-layering, and budding.

Uses: Eaten fresh, often without peeling as the rind is edible. Fruits are also candied as well prepared into alcoholic beverages.

Native Range: Native to Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia. Has spread throughout India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and many Pacific Islands.