There are probably a thousand other articles I could quote that would say salt is simply bad. So I don’t know, maybe it tastes good for a good reason, and veg*ism supposedly lowers the risk of CV and other diseases for various reasons. Looking at another article about a plant-based diet and stroke, it may be more important to monitor one’s blood pressure than blindly obsessing about salt intake otherwise.

Well, otherwise there’s more than one salt (and the so-called salt substitute is potassium chloride, but it isn’t merely a flavor substitute)…

Supposedly if people (without a risk of hyperkalemia due to existing health conditions) would eat at least as much salt substitute as they did salt, it would be a more balanced diet then. Maybe this explains to some extent why the first article had inconsistent data about the effects of sodium intake alone (because it also depends on potassium intake). That said, it isn’t something to get carried away with either, as the lethal dose of potassium is lower than that of sodium. :book:

I think it’s better to get the potassium from the veggies. This way you know that you are eating enough of them. :slight_smile:
I have never seen potassium salt and have no idea how it tastes.

Potassium chloride is kind of salty, yet has a bitter aftertaste by itself, and blends with sodium salt to neutralize that. It is a common ingredient in sports drinks, for electrolytes (which facilitate rehydration when combined with sugar and water).