Role of Stevia in Vegan diets

Vegans are not allowed to consume anything with animal derived ingredients and focus on a plant only diet. In this way stevia is a perfect sweetener because it is 100 natural, derived from a plant.Unlike splenda, aspartame and saccharin, stevia does not contain any chemicals and was never created in a lab. It is simply a plant extract.Likewise, stevia can be used in cooking unlike aspartame which does not react well to heat. This stevia contains stevia extract and fiber from the chicory plant, which actually helps digest foods better. Cid Botanicals stevia is the only stevia I’ve found that is from where the plant is originally from, Paraguay! I my myself thinking to switch over to Cid Botanicals Stevia.Just search Cid Botanicals on Google and you’ll find out

Can Stevia be used in Vegan diets?