Restaurant Listing

Ok, I know…not ANOTHER restaurant listing, right?

I have created a simple application to house a listing of restaurants. There are kinks to work out, but here are the details. My wife and I have been using Happy Cow and we have loved it has a resource to find restaurants with vegan options, but in attempting to add restaurants, we became frustrated. They have many rules that prevented us from adding some of our favorite restaurants.

We wanted to see an application that was easy to use, easy to add to, and broad…meaning it could include any restaurants, even ones that are not vegan, but have substitute options. For example, we have found most Chinese restaurants will substitute meat with tofu. One could argue that they use the same oil to fry the tofu, or that there are other ways animal products find their way into the “vegan” dish. We figure that while that does gross us out, the point is to continue to order from these places to help spread the idea of veganism. We just don’t blatantly order animal products.

That being said, I created an application that is completely open. Check it out…there are very few restaurants that are local to us (about 6 or 7 I think), but the idea is for anyone and everyone to begin to add/edit options. Over time, if it is used, I will manage updates to the site. You can visit the link below to get to it:

Feel free to visit my parent site as well,, although it is about the environment and not specific to veganism.

Thank you for the start of what looks like a great website.