Red Globe Grape ( Vitis vinifera)

Grapes, a favorite fruit from the old world, dating back several thousand years ago. Grapes are often used and depicted in those movies where the kings and queens been fed by their subjects.

There are several species of grapes but more than 90% of the cultivated grapes are from “vinifera” species (also known as the European grapes), which is native to the Mediterranean and central Asia. The minority of several other species, comes from the America continent.

Grape production is mainly divided into 4 uses:
Wine grapes: For wine making
Table grapes: For eating as fresh fruits
Dried grapes: For drying and eaten as snacks, known as raisins
Juiced grapes: For canning as grape juice, jam and preserves

There are several thousands of cultivars but most of those, we probably never get to see it as almost three-quarters of the production, went into wine making. France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the USA are consistently among the top few countries leading in the production of grapes, mostly for the wine industry but China is the top producer of table grapes, mainly of this “red globe” variety.

Red globe grapes are primary used as table grapes and belongs to the red group as it has red skin. It is almost round, similar to a globe and hence the name given. It is large as it is among the largest berries in the grapes family. This variety of grape is well-known and considered as good quality grape even though it is seeded. It is sweet, with plenty of juice but also comes with plenty of big seeds too! … re=related … re=related … re=related … re=related … re=related