If you throw a pebble into a raging sea, it will not make a splash. If you throw a boulder into a still pond, it will. This is what is called resonance. Obviously, this is the reason for the experiment of sitting down in an environment free from relative distraction and bringing your attention to pure sound, because it is easier to tune into RHYTHM that way. But where this would also be an interesting experiment is to throw a boulder into a raging sea. Sometimes you have to push harder and farther or go to more of an extreme so that the act will have resonance. When were not experimenting with the act of contemplation, this idea of RESONANCE is useful to remember. However, if you go too far, you become lost on this tangent and take yourself out of rhythm at which point it may become necessary to lose yourself in the game of daily affairs to be at a more of a rhythm. Contemplation is for reeling back to a rhythmic vibration so that one does not become too lost in the game and conversely so you can appreciate getting lost in the game because of the consistent anchor and resonance of contemplation, the game has MORE rhythm and is more playful. Contemplation is like the sound of a gong and it resonates throughout the day and wears of until the gong is hit again the next day. I guess its a kind of harmony.