Raw Vegan

My friend is experimenting now with a raw vegan diet.
Is it dangerous?
Can he get all the necessary nutrients by being a raw vegan?
How healthy is this?
Thank you.

Eating raw veggies can make your health be in danger, I know certain story here in my country regarding a certain actress she was on her raw veggies diet, after some years of taking it, she found out late that she already had a colon cancer and it was so late that her cancer is at stage 4.

for all those who are planning o take their all veggie diet please be careful in taking it make sure that you have the supervision of experts…

the use of pesticides in growing vegetables have made it very difficult for us to be able to eat raw vegetables.They should be washed well and even par boiled.

mielle , is it the raw diet that cause the cancer? Any ideas why it happened?

Don’t worry about your friend alistar, he or she is in good hands… eating raw have lots of health benefits like stronger immune system, increased energy, clear skin, weight loss, improved memory, increased libido, cancer prevention and a smoother digestive system.

I have felt for many years that a raw diet would be best if some one has cancer. I’ve heard of miraculous cures. The living enzymes in raw foods is part of the reason for this.

Alas, I could never eat a totally raw diet. I love my cooked whole grains and root vegetables! Though most of my vegetables and all of the fruit i eat is raw…
And nuts a best eaten in their raw state.

But I do think optimal nutrition can be had eating a raw diet. Just that I do wonder about feeling frequent hunger. I can’t imagine staying full for very long eating a raw diet. Unless, by eating raw, you can include foods like oats or other cereals with boiling water poured over them and allowed to sit for a few minutes before eating.

Is eating raw can sometimes cause problems? What are the effects?

As a raw vegan, I eat many of the items you list, as do most others.
Cold pressed olive oil, agave nectar (a sweetener), garlic, onions, dates, raw nut butters, and dehydrated foods are staples of a raw food diet, and figure prominently in every raw cookbook I own. In fact, you can’t make most recipes without a high speed juicer or a dehydrator.


People cannot actually live with a raw diet. You can just follow a strictly diet and modify it a little bit with nuts and healthy vegetable such as brazil nuts and squash. All of those ingredients are good for your health and own many benefits which can meet your need. Check these sites for more information wikihomenutrition.com/brazil-nu … -benefits/ . Nice to share with you about healthy livestyle background.

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Consuming raw veggies have various health benefits like a stronger immune system, increased energy, clear skin, weight loss and, improved memory. But if you are following a strict raw vegan diet you must need to consult an expert. Because being a vegan there are various challenges with the diet plan and fulfillment of essential nutrients. For completion of essential requirements of protein and other nutrients, you can use a marine phytoplankton food supplement from optimally organic. It is a great source of vegan protein and also has other essential nutrients required for the body.