Raw Food as a means to heal

Has anyone on this board seen the trailer for the documentary “Raw for 30 Days” You can watch the trailer at (youtube.com/watch?v=trqkWO2gFt8)
It is about six individuals living with Diabetes on a diet consisting mainly of fast food and then switching to a 100% raw food diet. The results they show in the trailer are astounding!
What does everyone think of this idea? Is it someone anyone here has tried before? Most people in my family eventually develop diabetes and I’d like to prevent myself of doing the same. Does eating an all raw diet work?

The homepage for this film is:

www.rawfor30days.com :bigsmurf:

Excellent! :slight_smile:

Some sources do recommend a vegan diet for people suffering from Type II Diabetes. Check this:
vrg.org/journal/vj2003issue2 … abetes.htm

I don’t think a raw food diet is necessary, though. Here’s why:

Fast food and processed foods tend to contain large amounts of sugar, including refined sugar syrups (glucose syrup, corn syrup, and refined fructose). Eating large amounts of sugar causes your blood sugar to destabilise: your body releases enough insulin to digest a huge volume of carbohydrate, but you have only eaten a small volume of a sweet product, leaving you with excess insulin. This causes your blood sugar levels to drop. If you eat like this repeatedly over time, you can develop Pre-Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome / “Syndrome X.” Eventually you can develop Type II Diabetes. That’s a bit of an over-simplification, but you get the idea! :unamused:

There are other contributing factors to diabetes: genetics, and your body weight and your level of exercise (not everyone develops Diabetes as a result of eating fast food). There’s a massive article on Wikipedia about it!

Anyway, you can cook your own food without adding the sugar - that’s why I’m not convinced about the need for a raw food diet. It’s a good idea to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and wholegrain cereals, because the fibre slows down the absorption of any natural sugars in your food.

I also read that red meat and cheese can destabilise your blood sugar levels significantly, but I’m afraid I can’t back that up right now… I do know that milk was forbidden on some low-carb diets, because of the sugar content!

N.B. I’m not a medical expert and I’m not diabetic! :stuck_out_tongue: But I did find that going vegan helped stop me getting blood sugar lows. So long as you lay off the vegan cookies, of course :slight_smile:

I hope that’s some help!

I think that 6 people is not enough to make a conclusion.
There are other studies also showing improvements on low fat vegan diet, but it’s not necessary raw food died.

Mostly all of our family members are diabetic… I will try the raw food diet ( will it work even for just a week?) and also the low fat vegan diet… Any food suggestions?

Say! That was a pretty convincing video! Can you believe I saw it 3 years ago and tried it for two months? My weight fell to 150. My cholesterol fell to 115; triglycerides were 75, I believe; glucose to 85, etc. Then I decided to eat a little cooked food… Three years later I’m overweight and depressed again!

I suppose the obvious thing to do is to go back to eating raw!


so that means it is really effective right? i wanna try this… i wanna try this… :wink:

Yes it is effective because my mom had also a diabetes but when she switch and start eating raw foods her sugar lever becomes lower and lower.