Quite confused...

Can canning be vegan??? Does can have some component that may be considered as unvegan?

I meant Vegan recipes for canning and preserving.
It is possible to can meat and various non vegan stuff.

Canning is vegan, it is just not environmentally conscious. Try more fresh foods from market without packaging.

How is canning not environmentally concious? You take fresh vegetables and preserve them in a glass jar with a metal lid. The airtight seal is created when the air in the closed jar starts to cool after the jar has been boiled in water. After the jar is emptied it can be washed and reused to can again as opposed to being thrown away. Next to fresh vegetables, home canning is about the most health consious alternative because you control what goes into it. Canned vegetables and other foods can literally last for years if stored and preserved right. And yes, you can preserve other foods by canning such as meat, soups, pickles. It’s just like stuff at a grocery store,only done the old fashioned way. Canned beef is actually pretty good.

For vegans to be the purported all knowing health gurus, one would think you all would be a little more knowledgeable on this subject.

yes your message is almost right.

Thank you for share…