Questions regarding fiber intake.

Hey everyone, first of all, I’m a 3 year old vegetarian and looking to move a little towards veganism soon.
The thing is, the recommended fiber intake is 10-14 grams per 1,000 calories consumed.
I’m consuming ~3,000 calories a day(very active sports wise), which means I should be getting 42 grams of fiber a day.
Easily, without even trying to get any fiber, I’m getting ~70/80 grams of fiber a day, without even eating whole rice and etc.
I’m actually trying to eat more lower fiber foods like regular rice or pasta to decrease my fiber intake and I’m not even vegan yet.
Too much fiber causes your body to absorb less protein and few minerals.

Could anyone please point me to some fiber regarding research?
I’m looking to increase my fiber intake even higher with more beans and letins, peas and humus to substitute for animal protein I’m getting from whey/eggs/milk.

Thanks, Danny! :smiley: