Questions about Veganism for a Research Project

Hi everyone!

I am a junior at a small liberal art school and I am doing a research project on veganism. I have done extensive research about this culture and I have learned so much about the values, beliefs, and philosophies and what truely entails being a vegan. This way of living is so inspiring to me and I would love to gain some firsthand knowledge from actual vegans. Below is a list of question that I would some input. Or just post a comment- anything you may want to tell me about veganism. I feel this will add sufficient depth to my research for society to really understand what veganism really means. Thanks so much!

  1. Reasons for choosing vegansim

  2. View towards moral consideration and protection of wild life (any further comments)

  3. Struggles you face in soceity with trying to live a vegan lifestyle

  4. Do you feel soceity has stigmatized vegans and if so, how?

  5. More information about animal’s rights and its importance to veganism