Pro veggie Phrases

I intend to this thread to be a collection of great pro veggie phrases. Here is a first one:

As long as humanity continues to be the ruthless destroyer of other beings, we will never know health or peace.
For as long as people massacre animals, they will kill each other.
Indeed those who sow the seed of murder and pain will never reap joy and love.

quote from the great philosopher

Damn right. I like this phrase!!! Pythagoras was a splendid man indeed.
Here is another phrase by him.

“Oh, my fellow men, do not defile your bodies with sinful foods.
We have corn, we have apples bending down the branches with their
weight, and grapes swelling on the vines. There are sweet-flavored
herbs, and vegetables which can be cooked and softened over the fire,
nor are you denied mild or thyme-scented honey. The earth affords a
lavish supply of riches of innocent foods, and offers you banquets
that involve no bloodshed or slaughter, only beasts satisfy their
hunger with flesh, and not even all of those, because horses, cattle,
and sheep live on grass.”