Positive veg PR

Do you have any ideas of positive veg PR?
(Or maybe you have seen it anywhere?)

Because now all PR I see is negative, it shows dead and dying animals, and people don’t wish to be considered guilty of it. So they block themselves from these ads, and it impedes them getting positive messages of becoming veggie.

I copied this from vegnews.org:

We had discussion on this point on IRC. And we agreed at one point:
In the cities people don’t know (or understand) where meat is from. And for them linking animals with meat will be efficient. But there are rural regions where most people rise and kill animals by themselves. And it will be good think to make positive image of animals for them. So they will like animals and will think that it is very bad to kill them. Also it will be a good publicity for children.
We found one idea: on leaflet is showed animal and some danger for this animal (hunter or butcher), so subconsciously they will think that this animal can be saved. And they will start thinking how.
If you have any ideas on how to improve this idea, or have any other ideas please help us.

There are certainly many cogent arguments for becoming and
remaining a vegetarian. The argument that appeals to me
the most is that vegetarianism lessens the burden on one’s
soul in this world, and is therefore good in a spiritual sense.

It is an enigma that we must destroy other life in order to
sustain our own. Saints and Holy men, by and large, recommend
that seekers after truth partake of foods only from plant life
(vegetables, grains, fruits & legumes), and to eat only what is
necessary to sustain their life.

This recommendation is based on the law of Karma, as stated in
various scriptures:

'Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever
 a man soweth, that shall he also reap.' (Bible)

'No evil fortune visits you
 but which you have yourselves
 invited by your deeds,
 (and even then)
 much is forgiven.'  (Koran)

An implication is that we incur a debt when we destroy
other life for any purpose.

The magnitude of the debt is a function of the quality of the
life form destroyed. Life has in it five major attributes
or creative elements called Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.
All elements are present in life, either in an active or a
dormant state. The more elements active in a living entity,
the higher the karmic debt incurred if one destroys it:

 Man is the highest life form, having all elements (Earth,
 Water, Fire, Air and Ether) in an active state.

 Quadrupeds are lower, with Ether (which differentiates
 man from the rest of creation) inactive, and the other
 elements active.

 Birds are next lower, with only three elements active.

 Reptiles, worms and insects are lower still, with only
 two creative components in the active state.

 Plant life, with only Water active and the others in a
 dormant state, is the lowest form.

So I shall continue to eat plants because of the minimal
karmic debt incurred by so doing. In my experience, this
lessening of karmic debt is real and is readily perceived
in one’s inner state after making the change.

Of course, one hears about individuals that sustain their
life from water, air and sunlight; I have yet to meet one
and can’t imagine being one.

The foregoing is based on my recollections from a book that
I just can’t seem to locate amongst my stuff at the moment:

    The Wheel of Life
    Sant Kirpal Singh Ji

I may be a little mixed up in the particulars, but I am
confident in the essence of the posture.



A good Idea is to show everything from the point of view of animals.
To show emotions rather then disgusting bloody images.
An example will be to show the complex emotion of an apealing animall character while he sees his friends butchered. It has to be shown in a series of images. May be comix, or even animation. First we need to associate the character with the viewers, create apeal and beauty. Then we show the bad situation and tragic emotions. Emotions are very important they should be exagerate and full - fear combined with despair, horror and pain.

Our mission at “web 3D service” is to create this kind of movies that will be fun to watch and will have a dramatic positive pro vegan effect.
Right now we are just starting, we lack the budjet and our staff is still too small. But we have the expertise and with time we will release the most amazing pro vegan movies.

First we must create conditions for people to become vegetarians.
i.e. we should develop vegan food industries, we should promote tasty and healthy vegan foods.
Then we can associate veganism with happy living, by being happy and healthy ourselfs.